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Where're our dentists?

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Salam all..
well its my pleasure to be hea with all you amazin doin dental hygiene & therapy in new zeland!
hope you all a bright future...

Dhamaan waad salaamantihiin walaalaha somaldoc, aadna waad ugu mahadsanthiin webkan faaiidada leh aad noo abuurteen. Jasazaikullah kheer :)

Hadaan naftayda waxyar idiinka sharaxo, aniga waxaan ardayad hischool ka dhigata wadanka Norway, waxaan aad jecelahay inaan barto dentisrtyga. Markaas walaal Dr. Fiqi waxaan kaa codsanayaa inaad iga siisid information sida looga barto dentistry in the USA. XAGGA BUUNDOOYINKA LAGAA RABO....

Qofkii donaayo dentical student in Norway inuu noqdo, waad i soo weydiinkarataa information inataan hayo waan ku siinkaraa

Waad mahadsantihiin.

Salaamucalaykum to you all ,

May the blessings of this holy month bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth,and brighten your lives. I'm wrapping up the clinical portion of my studies and preparing for my board exam for dental hygiene In 4 months time insha allah . I joined this group to meet other somali dental hygienists so that we can exchange ideas and experiences. It's disappointing to know that there aren't any collaborative groups for Somali RDHs or students. There are so many organizations out there looking for educated professionals to restore our country , so its our duty as graduates to network and connect with others in our perspective fields and help these organizations with our knowledge and expertise.

Wish you all the best in your endeavors and I hope to hear from some DHs in the near future!

kind regards

Assalam-Alleykum everyone. I am pleased to find this forum. I am a qualified dentist from the Liverpool University in UK. Currently working in Birmingham. I am inspired to read in this forum the number of potential Somali dentist. If there is anything that help with please don't hesitate to contact me. Ta

Salaam to everyone,

A pleased to be part of this wonderful forum. Sincere long was looking forward to see health minded , bright teeth and health oral cavity peopl exchanging knowledge . In deed you feel happy when your ead different ideas from different part of the globe .
Am so much happy to meet my follow friends with dental therapist department , am graduate in field of dentistry specially detal therapy . I welcome all friends who are perusing g both dental therapy and dental assisting .

Best regard
Elias O.R


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