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Question 3:-
in ECG , which of the following represents when atrial and ventricular are relaxed
    A)-PR interval
    B)-TP segment
    C)-ST segment
    D)-PR segment
    E)-QT interval

The ECG shows atrial systole. This is called a P-wave. Then ventricular systole happens. This is called the QRS or QRS-complex. It is called a complex because there are three different waves in it. The Q-wave, R-wave, and S-wave. Then the ECG shows ventricular diastole. This is called the T-wave. Atrial diastole happens then too. But it is not seen separate from ventricular diastole, so it's TP segment (B).

 thank you abdullahi .. (B) is the correct answer  you get it right

Question 4:-
A baby is born to a parents with blood group [B(-)], the baby's blood group may be:

a) A (+)
b) A (-)
c) AB
d) O (+)
e) O (-)

I am definatly not sure of this answer but I think it is option E.
Because the child have 1/4 probability to get O blood group other 3/4 being B blood group. That is if both parent are B negative.


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