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Yes, you are right.

The baby has 3/4 chance of being B negative and 1/4 chance of being of being O negative. Both parents are indeed B negative.

Dr Hassan khadar:
  Choose the wrong statement about differences and similaries between the muscles
      A:cells are electrically dependent in cardiac and smooth but isn't in skeletal muscle

      B:Autonomic nervous system affect only a cardiac and smooth muscle
      C: calcium needed for cardiac and smooth muscle contraction is supplied from the sacroplamic
           recticulum and extracellular fluid

      D: Absolute and relative refractory period are equal in cardiac and smooth muscle
     E: Hormone like catecholamine affect only cardiac and smooth muscle     

sorry for not answering I havent seen it before.  ;D
ok let me come back to the answer.
I think it is option D ...............

Dr Hassan khadar:
congrats  ;D you get it right. though I thought everybody forget about it. but thanks.

As far as I know option C is the only correct one, so you get it right.  Roll Eyes
but for the other notion i will check for it......


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