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Sad News!!


Sudan decided to stop the internship for foreign students!!
Somali students who graduate from the universities in this country usually accomplish their training year here.
Usually it's sad news for Somali medical students who study in this country & I know more than 10 Somali medical students who were planning to start training for this year!.
Till now it's not clear the reason but it seems there is overload!
any further information will  be updated here
By: Dr.Mahdi

Congrats, all somali medical students in Sudan.
The Internship is allowed for somali medical students.
& those who plannig to do it will start as soon as possible, and the orientation course will be during this month.
Till now, no one knows why it's stopped and reallowed this time, but I thinks it's not for all foreign students.
so somali students is an exception as i heard.

 :) :)

mabruuuuuuuuuuuuuk for somali students in sudan i'm really happy for them... i know some friends but actually they study bussiness...


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