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Title: The "5 Star Doctor"!!
Post by: IsseGole on February 16, 2007, 02:36:59 PM
Salamu alaikum
Doctors, in general, and health care workers have to meet the criteria of "5 star doctor".
It is not only medicine and drug prescription what you have to do when you are a doctor.
It is people with feelings and needs what you are dealing with, it is not organs. some people, by their actions, changed the concept of doctor-patient relationship into a doctor-organ relationship, because he has specialty, for example, in cardiology, so all he cares about is the heart.
The five star doctors is 5 characters of the perfect physician; previously called the wise "al-hakim" by ancient people.
1. Care provider
2. Decision maker
3. Community leader
4. Team member
5. Communicator

It is very rare to find these five characters in one physician, but we have to try and be our selves. Money has to be the last thing we think about as a priority, also we have to refresh our goals and aims of life once a while, and why we became doctors, so that we wont get far away from it.
Every body has to see if he meets the above mentioned criteria, and, if not, has to try to get them, because, in only that way, he will be able to be satisfied of himself and get AJAR from Allah.
Let's hope our doctors back-home think this way one day and solve the medical filed problem that our people are complaining from since ancient ages. If they dont do it, and probably they will not, we have to replace them and show the people what it means to be a doctor, not a dictator, so they once again give some respect to Doctors, who have lost respect ages ago.
Thank you for reading and visiting us.
Ciise Dheere