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Title: Somali Women's Clinic - Seattle, Washington
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Healing Women in the Somali Community
Seattle, Washington

Daryel—Somali Women's Wellness Project is seeking female* LMPs to join our team of volunteer massage therapists. Daryel is a unique wellness clinic that offers massage, yoga and health education to women in the Somali community. The clinic is held Sundays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in South Seattle. Ideally we are seeking massage therapists who can commit to one shift per quarter for one year (a total of 12 hours). Volunteering with Daryel is an amazing cross-cultural experience. You'll work with a warm and welcoming group of women who very much need and appreciate receiving massage, but who otherwise would not have access to it.

*For cultural and religious reasons, we can only accept female volunteers.

To Volunteer
For more information about volunteering with Daryel, contact Zoe Bermet by phone at (206) 349-1355 or e-mail. You are welcome to come visit the clinic to see firsthand how we work before making a decision to volunteer. Tables are provided, and the women are asked to bring their own sheets to the clinic.

Daryel began as a collaboration between Cortiva and Haborview's Community House Calls program in January 2009. The program was initially envisioned as a field site for Cortiva students. However, changes in Cortiva's curriculum have meant the end of the field site program at Cortiva. While Cortiva students are able to volunteer at the clinic to gain hands-on experience (and fulfill their practice massage requirements), the change has meant fewer students than before, meaning less massage for the women. The overall aim of the clinic is to address the pain—both physical and psychological—as well as the isolation experienced by many Somali women living in our community. On most Sundays, around 15 to 20 women come to the clinic to receive massage, exercise, learn about ways to improve their health and to connect with other Somali women.

The women who come to the clinic are refugees from a war-torn country. Many have lived in refugee camps for years, only to come to an unfamiliar land where they do not speak the language or know the customs. Most have been separated from parents, children or spouses. All have witnessed or somehow suffered the consequences of the violence of war. These women suffer disproportionately from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and chronic pain. While we have not done any formal assessments to find out how much massage has improved the pain and well-being of the clients who come to the clinic, the women report a significant decrease in symptoms, and it is clear that they truly love receiving the work.

Zoe Bermet, LMP
Phone: (206) 349-1355

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