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Pharaonic circumcised ladies always deceive the boys hidden their issue.

There are over 100 million girls and women who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that another 2 million are subject to it every year. FGM is practiced in many countries, especially Africa and parts of the Middle East. Various degrees of FGM are prevalent, the most mutilating one being infibulation (pharaonic). With infibulation there are numerous life-long health problems such as hemorrhage, infection, dyspareunia, genital ulcers, and gynecological and obstetrical complications. It has been postulated that FGM may also play a significant role in facilitating the transmission of HIV infection through numerous mechanisms. In this article several of the most common complications are discussed and helpful suggestions for management during pregnancy and delivery are explored. Included are the legal and ethical ramifications.
FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM), which is inaccurately referred to as female circumcision by some people, has been practiced for centuries. Egyptian mummies were found to have been circumcised as far back as 200 B. C. In the 19th Century it was practiced in Europe and North America as a remedy for ailments like epilepsy, hysteria, and masturbation. The practice of FGM is most prevalent in the African countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and some area of the Middle East. It is not restricted to any ethnic, religious or socioeconomic class. There are many reasons for perpetuation of this practice; the most common are cultural and religious beliefs. Although often associated with Islam, it is also practiced by other religious groups, including Christians. There is no mention of it in the Koran. An overwhelming factor for its justification is the cultural influence and traditions, social acceptance within the community, and ensuring chastity and fidelity by attenuating sexual desire. A research study done in Nigeria on the Igbos tribe found that women believe that FGM makes them more feminine and thus more attractive to men. The  clinical classifications will be followed.
•   Type I—Clitoridectomy is the removal of prepuce and  part of the clitoris. Also called Sunna Circumcision.This is the least mutilating one.
•   Type II—The clitoris and part of the labia are excised and then sewn together by sutures, thorns, or tying the girl's legs together until the edges have united.
•   Type III—Infibulation (pharaonic) is the most extreme. Here the clitoris, labia minora are excised and incisions made in the labia majora to create raw surfaces that are then either stitched together or kept in close contact until they seal and form a cover for the urethral meatus. A very small orifice is left for the passage of urine and menstrual flow. Because this type is the most mutilating, the medical, obstetrical, and psychological complications are more profound. In many regions it is the most common procedure performed (e.g., in Djibouti and Somalia 98% of FGM are infibulations).
Common Complications following FGM, especially if the girl is infibulated, are common and many are well documented. These may be immediate or late. The major immediate complications are, of course, hemorrhage from the dorsal artery, shock and then infection, urinary retention and tetanus, which can lead to mortality.
Some late and long-term complications seen are urinary incontinence, cysts, urogenital tract infections, severe dyspareunia, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and obstetrical problems such as delayed or obstructed second stage labor, trauma, and hemorrhage. Hemorrhage was also seen as a late complication especially in the newly married girl who was tightly infibulated and was subjected to forcible sex by the husband or who the husband defibulated using various instruments such as scissors, blades or knives.
‘But our Somali girls they feel uncomfortable and shy discussing their sexual habits and also nowa days every girl that you make a relation with her,  she always tells that she is Sunna Circumcised, but lastly when you marry her then she changes her idea and tells you the truth so, this issue some times creates the lady to be divorced with in the honey week, therefore why ladies deceive the boys on this issue and also why boys discriminate the circumcised pharaonic girls,  dear readers which one you prefer the two circumcisions and why?

By Executive Director of Somali Young doctors Association   (SOYDA)

Dr. Abdiqani Sheikh Omar,

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For those who didn't understand the term Pharaonic Circumcision, in Somali language it's "Gudniinka Fircooniga"

The Muslim doctor shares with the Muslim patient the two main characteristics:
the faith in God and destiny, and the conviction that there is a cure for every disease.

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I would like to have the opportunity to respond on two matters.

I. since you mentioned "Sunna" circumcision,  is this "Sunna" based on hadith? is the hadith authentic?

The  hadith on the topic of female circumcision which has been  attributed to the Prophet  (PBUH), according to which he said: "Circumcision is a Sunnah for men, and an honour for women," but there is some contoroversial as to the authenticity of this hadith saying that this hadith has no silsilah of Isnad ( thus da"íf) . See Silsilah al-Ahadith al-Da‘ifah by al-Albani, no. 1935.
How circumcision is to be performed is mentioned in the hadith narrated by Umm ‘Atiyah, may Allah be pleased with her, according to which a woman used to perform circumcisions in Madinah. The Prophet  (PBUH) told her: "Do not abuse (i.e. do not go to extremes in circumcising); that is better for the woman and more liked by her husband." (Reported by Abu Dawud in al-Sunan, Kitab al-Adab; he said this hadith is da‘if).

So I do not know of any hadeeth in which the Prophet (PBUH) ordered that his wives or daughters be circumcised. Moreover, as I far as I have searched, there are no proofs whether this act was practiced in the era of the four Khulafa. Since the authenticity of these ahadiths are in state of uncertainity, then why the practice in some muslim countries? Among other reasons might be the  chastity of the woman, male approval and  etc.
In summary there is no absolute evidence from the sources of Islam prescribing female circumcision, the vast majority of scholars do not include it in the obligatory rituals of Islam. Besides It is very well common knowledge in Islam that if the Prophet ( PBUH) had wanted female circumcision to be an integral aspect of religious practice in Islam the same way that male circumcision is, he would have said so clearly. Since he did not do so, we can assume it is not a prescribed ritual of Islam." Thereby saying there is no clear-cut evidence in Shari`ah indicating that circumcision is prescribed either as mandatory or sunnah for women in Islam, refuting the existance of Sunna circumcised.

II. responding to your statement: Pharaonic circumcised ladies always deceive the boys hidden their issue.

I am not aware of any statistical data on the existance of circumcised girls deceiving their partners.
It is a religious conduct for a muslim girl as well as for a muslim boy not to engage in sexual conversations before marriage. Married couples do not engage in sexual conversations other than their partners.

A possible reason why a divorce occurs is a complication of interference with sexual satisfaction of the wife which destroys marital pleasure and is one of the causes of husband’s indulging in stupefying drugs like hashish and opium, hoping to prolong the sexual performance ( from an article). Since somali culture is known for its history in terms of female circumcision, I believe that the somali men are in no position to jeoperdize and come with excuses to end up their marriage just because of this. Therefore a solution would be that both spouses approach each other kindly and wisely to reach workable solutions. Also, the husband is advised to give priority to saving his family life. Controversial issues—such as female circumcision—should not cause problems in our families. It is his duty to keep his family and be concerned about its welfare. Moreover, Husbands should be flexible to accept differences in issues that scholars have differed on and to be keen to maintain their family and to reach mutual understanding regarding their problems in a wise and kind way. Besides some muslim doctors say that there are benefits when "Sunna Circumcision" is performed ( data available on )

In conlusion, female circumcision should no longer be seen as a traditional custom ( some - mothers and fathers- consider the procedure to be a criterion for marriage) as well as part of Islam. So education campaign must be addressed to men to persuade not to require their future wives or their daughters to have had the procedure. Since it does not exist in Islamic countries I believe that the procedure would decline if it was condemned by religious authorities.

I hope I have clarified my point,
Wa assalam

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Brother SOYDA, these poor girls didn't do nothing wrong to hide it and they are not deceiving anyone, they are the only ones who will live with the complication of their pharaonic circumcision in entire life!!!

If boys felt that they were deceived, blame the parents!!

By the way thanks mustafa for the nice reply!! I really appreciate that
In diagnosis think of the easy first.
Martin H. Fischer


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