Author Topic: Nomads are comedians !  (Read 2692 times)

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Nomads are comedians !
« on: January 16, 2009, 10:52:35 AM »
A nomadic guy have attended at football stadium in Sudan, whilst he was watching the game among dozen of hundreds gather in the stadium, a player was punished ( given) the red card after he did fault. People watching the game and supporters started arguing about the reaction of the mediator of the game, some of them were saying he gave the red card to the defender and others were saying no, he did not give the defender he gave the goalkeeper. The nomadic guy heard the argument b/w the groups and shouted among them and said YOU ALL ARE TELLING LIE, '' WALLAHI MAA ADDAHU'' HE GAVE NOTHING TO THE PLAYERS, ONLY HE LIFT THE RED CARD UP TO PLAYERS !!

Really nomads are comedians !

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