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                            LAB TESTS FOR THYROID DISEASE
Thyroid tests run on patients with florid thyrotoxicosis or obvious myxedema are reliable.
The problematic tests are those run on patients with acute or chronic illnesses that are not associated with thyroid disease yet display unexpectedly abnormal thyroid test results.
These patients are described as "euthyroid sick," with nonthyroidal illnesses (NTIs) or poor nutrition.
The puzzling test results of these patients lead to calls to the laboratory for help.
Explaining their test results presents an opportunity to educate the physicians about using laboratory services appropriately.
As much as 10% of a euthyroid population may show transient abnormalities of TSH, with either high or low values.
Seventeen percent of hospitalized adults show abnormal elevations or depressions in TSH.
Similarly, a small percentage of an ambulatory population will have unexplained abnormal thyroid test results.
Half have underlying thyroid disease. The rest have thyroid test results outside normal reference ranges but no thyroid disease.

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