Author Topic: Su'aal: Food Allergy VS Food Poison?  (Read 6782 times)

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Su'aal: Food Allergy VS Food Poison?
« on: March 25, 2009, 10:53:18 PM »
what is the  Differece between  Food Allergy And Food Poison?
waxan rabaa in aan wax ka ogaado farqiqa  u dhaxeeya labadan cudur .. mahadsanidin.

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Re: Su'aal: Food Allergy VS Food Poison?
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2009, 09:28:38 PM »
Food Allergy: Ka jawaab celinta ama ku xajiimoobista cunnada borotiinka leh ee degdegga ah sida ukunta, waxayna ka duwantahay xajiimoobidda cuntada ee soo daahda laguna magacaabo "Food Intolerance"

Food Poisoning/Foodborne illness: Ku sumoobidda cuntada (infekshan dartiis ama sun lagu darayba).

Halkaan ka akhriso qoraal ku saabsan:
Abdullahi M. Mahdi waa dhakhtar soomaaliyeed oo ku takhasusay Cudurada Guud (Internal Medicine) Cudurada Faafa (Infectiouse Diseases) iyo Cudurada Dhulalka Kuleylaha (Tropical Medicine), Sidoo kale waa Qoraa si joogto ah bulshada uga wacyi galiyo bogga "" oo uu aasaasay bilawgii sanadka 2007.

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Re: Su'aal: Food Allergy VS Food Poison?
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2011, 03:22:46 PM »
Many of the symptoms caused by allergies are also similar to food poisoning. This is true of stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. but allergy symptoms are not identical to food poisoning symptoms in most cases. There are often other effects that are not the same as food poisoning. Food poisoning has become a way of life for those that enjoy the taste of new types of food. The good chances of getting indigestion do not prevent them from searching for exotic restaurants where they can devour large quantities of strange and delicious food. Until severe food poisoning occurs and a hospital stay is had, the experimental eater will continue playing roulette with new types of food. While the food allergy- the allergens in food are those components that are responsible for inciting an allergic reaction. They are proteins that usually resist the heat of cooking, the acid in the stomach, and the intestinal digestive enzymes. As a result, the allergens survive to cross the gastrointestinal lining, enter the bloodstream, and go to target organs, causing allergic reactions throughout the body. The mechanism of food allergy involves the immune system and heredity.