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The Roman Catholic Church on Friday released a new document that condemns efforts by infertile couples to adopt or implant frozen embryos, saying that such methods are equally immoral as destroying embryos for stem cell research, USA Today reports. The document, titled "Dignitas Personae (Human Dignity): On Certain Bioethical Questions," states, "The desire for a child cannot justify the 'production' of offspring, just as the desire not to have a child cannot justify the abandonment or destruction of a child once he or she has been conceived." It adds that diagnosing embryos for diseases or genetic flaws before implantation is "shameful and reprehensible" and that such techniques, like prescribing or using contraception that prevents implantation, lead to "the sin of abortion." The document does not offer a clear solution for what to do with currently frozen embryos, which it says "represent a situation of injustice which in fact cannot be resolved."
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