Author Topic: Somali Doc.(S.D) Must not Allow Those With Hatred Mentality....  (Read 4592 times)

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I am asking Somalidoc.(forum) to change the way they conduct business. I have visited here today and I saw something that almost made me not to visit here any more; someone by the name of Keyf has posted a hatred remarks that I think he/she intended to make people hate this website.

Somalidoc.(S.D) must create a system that would let them or any law enforcement agent to trace down people who might post voilent and hatred remarks. People like Keyf must and should be traced down and be questioned for what he/she wrote here on the forum. You can say every evil and go free, there needs some question which command answers.

This forum must be all about ideas and educational, not a place where hatred and violence is discussed, or no one will visit here any more!!!

Medical Student ,in Pakistan !


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Re: Somali Doc.(S.D) Must not Allow Those With Hatred Mentality....
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2007, 11:42:10 AM »
geeljire, thank you for your idea.
But can you imagine that the only time that I fealt there is some hatred is when you wrote your response in (where do you study medicine?), I read the post of dr.keyf before and I didn't feel a single peace of hatred in it, I only saw a man facing troubles with discriminating and home sickness, that happens to all of us any where.
I saw that you and mr petterson are in pakistan, so is dr.keyf.
from my opinion, as a global moderator in the forum, I dont consider what dr.keyf wrote here as a hatred and violent words, he said what he thinks of the people in pakistan, and that is fine with me. He didn't say any thing violating the forum rules, so I dont see any reason to take actions against him. He didn't say any thing about tripalism, religion, sexuality. he didn't encourage violent actions against pakistani people. I dont see how giving scholarships and welfare can stop someone from criticizing the situation of a country and its people.
What I think here is that you guys and dr.keyf are not getting along together, and he might be wrong about what he said, but the way you two guys opposed him really surprised me.
I think that personal disagreements are solved elsewhere, not in somalidoc.
Thank you and hope to forgive me if I was wrong.
Ciise Dheere.
Towards a better healthy Somalia!!
Unless all parts of the society participate equally in the health process, nothing could be expected.

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Re: Somali Doc.(S.D) Must not Allow Those With Hatred Mentality....
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2007, 04:00:06 PM »
Its a well known fact that people who attack medical scholarship donners don't know what they're attacking or they make some weak strawman attack against some layman to discredit the donners. I challenge dr.Keyf to do at least three things:

1) Give an exact adderres according to *HIS* POV

2) State whom he's attacking specifically and the views they espouse and post counter-evidence to support his side.

3) State why is he making silly personal attacks of Pakistan. Is he jealous or just plain trolling when he made his comments about the people of pakistan in the other thread.

Ps. Dear Dr.Ciise im no way from pakistan nor do i have a personal  disagreements with him(keyf). Infact, People are entitled to have different opinion  and we can agree to disagree in a civil manner, me think. Thanks !!!


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