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Hi everyone, assalamu Alaykum!
I hope everyone is doing well and is striving hard for their
dream of becoming a doctor (or anything else ur passionate about).

I just graduated in spring '09 and I'm using this year off to
Prep for the MCAT, add in some more volunteer work, get an internship (hopefully with your help!) and
Get a JOB in this tough US economy. I'll be applying 2010!

If anyone knows of Somali doctors that work with the Somali community in their respective US cities that I can do an internship(clinical and/or research)with or shadow plz let me know!


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Your posts reflects your personality, so be Wise and Polite!

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Hey Ifrah,

Best of luck with your med school application preparation.  you'll be in our prayers for your ultimate success.

I hope you are using some other sources to find research opportunities or shadowing opportunities.

What worked for me was that I would honestly just pick a very large hospital and call up docotors' offices of fields i thought was interesting.  Just directly ask them.  let them know you want to shadow someone for about a month or two. As for the research, i suggest hitting up your local med school lab.  They are always hiring student assistants, volunteers.  It's easier for them to hire a volunteer simply because they don't have to dip into their grants or the university research funds to pay you.

Make yourself very available to these ppl - you'll find something. I promise. 

Everyone loves the one girl who takes all the initiative.

- ps:  where are you from?  I think there's a female somali doctor in ohio.  suad or something.  i'm sure MN is full of them too - there is even a somali owned clinic over there. 

Best of luck and kick butt on your mcats!


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