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ASC everybody

 first of all i wanted to thanks God who made us getter here and shared such a good things and help each others.
second i also wanted to thank the founder of this website. i would say you did a great job!!

wow.. i blessed to be here, so i can share all my unanswered questions  that have.

I am working on to start Medical School in this fall 2010 at Semmelweis University Medical School Budapest. insha allah.
I almost done all the requirements and just waiting to take the entry exam and and interview.
I finished high school and 2 year AA degree in Applied Science in USA. what  i am here is to get general advice about medical school.
i already did  a lot research and severed a lot  in "google" i am very serious about this information. i would like to hear from former medical students who already graduated or current students. I'm here to gain some things not to loose and i am pretty sure you very helpful. i also would to know if there is any Somali students Budapest Hungary here or someone knows. Hook me up.

i have a medical school interview soon. my questions are:
 1. what are the comman questions?
2. is there any links that i can get  sample of these questions and answers?
3. or some of you already have them.

i am also open to hear any suggestions and all the hook up.

thanks alto  i appreciated.


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