Author Topic: FILIN: Dalmar iyo Ebla and HIV/AIDS  (Read 7167 times)

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FILIN: Dalmar iyo Ebla and HIV/AIDS
« on: December 03, 2010, 02:18:48 PM »
Dalmar iyo Ebla is the story of two young Somali adults who meet, fall in love and plan to spend their lives together, but karma has a way of keeping them apart.

Dalmar, a young man who has been studying in the United States, returns to Somalia to visit with family and friends.
During his visit, he meets Ebla, a young Somali woman who dreams of life in America. Dalmar and Ebla become fast friends and soon discover they are in love with each other.

Upon announcing her engagement to her friends, Ebla learns about the disease HIV/AIDS. She learns that it is important to be tested for HIV to prevent its spread.

After discussing this with Dalmar, both agree to be tested.
Rumors begin to fly about the American visitor in the close community and soon Dalmar and Ebla find themselves in a very troubling situation.

Dalmar and Ebla, Karma and Love provides a culturally sensitive introduction to HIV/AIDS and examines the impact of stigma on a Somali

Key Discussion Points:
1- Spreading misinformation about a person’s HIV status
2- Effects of discrimination and stigmatization on a person because of HIV status
3- Ways to decrease discrimination and stigmatization

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Dalmar iyo Ebla was written by a group of Somali youth in Minneapolis known as the Young Achievers. It was written as a play in 2008, and was inspired by the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.
The youth wanted to send a witty and entertaining message to their peers about stigma and discrimination.

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