Author Topic: Doctor Training/job opportunities in Somalia/Africa and Middle East (UAE/Saudi)  (Read 8865 times)

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Salaam to all Somali doctors/professionals.

I am a new user to this forum and I am very pleased to see so many Somali doctors around the world, Mansha'Allah, keep the good work and hope we can all help those in need in Somalia as there is desperate need for doctors back home. Last summer, I went to Somalia (Puntland) and witnessed first hand, the lack of doctors and basic health care esp. if you don't have enough money to afford for a doctor + medications, so people can die from simple infections (Diarrhoea+Vomiting), dehydration/malnutrition which are easily preventable.
I am a final year medical student in London and Insha'Allah starting my training job (Fy1) in summer 2011. So I was interested in finding out training jobs or work as a Somali doctor/GP in Somalia or rest of Africa and Middle East esp Dubai/UAE, does anyone know if there are job opportunities out there for newly qualified doctors because I wish one day to go work in Dubai/UAE or back home as a GP, Insha'Allah.
Hope to hear from you.
Many thanks.

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If you are living in EU and Looking for job as a doctor in Somalia, please apply through Medic-Recruite.,2871.0.html

If you would like to volunteer as GP in Somalia, please visit below links to join MSF Somalia.

IF you are looking for further job apportunities, please visit the vacancies section,30.0.html
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