Author Topic: Antibiotic resistance and it's causes?  (Read 15639 times)

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Antibiotic resistance and it's causes?
« on: September 22, 2011, 03:12:22 PM »
drs  and genariuos thanks    antibiotic drugs can save lives but some germs get so strong that they can resist the drugs this is called resistance the drugs dont work as well gems can even pass on resistance  to other germs antibiotics normally work by killing germs called bacteria or they stop the bacteria from growing but sometimes not all of them are stopped or killed the strongest ones are left to grow and speread a person ca get sick again this time the germs are harder to kill the more often a person uses an antibiotic the more likely it is that  the germs will  resist it this can make some diseases very had to control it can make you sick longer and require  more doctor visits you my need  to take drugs that are even stroger two main types of germs bacteria and viruses  are the two main types of germs they cause most illness antibiotics can kill bacteria but they do not work against  viruses  viruses cause cilds  cought sore throats flu sinus problem bronchitis ear infactions bacteria live in drinking water food  and soil they live in plants animals and people most of them do not hunt people  some even help us to disgest food but other bacteria cause bad diseases like tb and iyme diseases does this afft me ? if you have a virus taking antibiotics is not a good idea antibiotics dont work against viruses  the medicine  will not help you it might even hanm  you each time you take one you add to the chances that bacteria in your body will be able to resist them later  that could make you very sick finding the rigt  treatment could be a problem good drs and genarious


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