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Salam alaykum walaallayaal ;)...Im a Student nurse in the UK. I specialise in paediatrician..its very challenging and also rewarding at the same time. If any1 is thinking of taking up this field or considering, if you require any advice or questions to be answered your more than welcome. (anything for my somalis lol) I will clear myths and doubts ::) ??? about nursing because that is what I encountered from people before I decided to enrol on to this course its not too bad but is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging it require a strong individual to take up a huge responsibility if you think you can hack it and really interested whats stopping you dont listen to anybody else but yourself. Thats all I can say at the mo!

Salams Peace ;D ;)

Dear Hana; wacalaykum salaam walaallay;
I am very gland indeed about your offer, which I think is very interesting to some of us. it is very challenging and rewarding as you said about this specialty and it is needed very much in our country where there is the highest infant mortality rate in the world, we hope there will be real doctors who stand for this issue and save our young.
I think we are acheiving now some of the goals of this forum and the whole website, because it unifies and gathers all somali students in the medical field.
Please welcome Drs Hana, consider your self home, and we hope you continue your hard work in paediatrician and consulting us about what it takes to be the doctors we hope to be.
Thank you very much.
Ciise Dheere

Welcome Hana
Waiting your inspiring posts!
Thanks for your interest in SD Forums

Ciise Dheere your right about East africa it does need our ppl to go back there and do some good esp in health as many aspects in health is declining. Many facts need to be seen to such as disease, famine, poverty etc etc etc.
thanks very much ;D

admin aka dr. mahdi thx for ur encouraging post...hope its also use 2 other professions.  ;D

Asalamu Calaykum.
Hi hana thanks for been enrolled Pead-Nurse.  I have completed my Nurse Degree 2001 @ Massey University Wellington New Zealand and had since worked as Pead-nurse at different hospital.  Can I say it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world helping beautifull young kids.
It is very challanging and apart from knowledge needs one to be very open and caring.

Last year i decided to study more and currently doing Master of Public Health. I hope you will enjoy and help a lot of young kids who certaily need your help.



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