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CARE Somalia is implementing a livelihood security project in four districts: Erigavo, El-Afweyn, Ainabo and Bo’ame of Sanaag and Sool regions of Northern Somalia. The objective of the project is to contribute to mitigate against further deterioration of food and livelihood security of populations affected by drought in the Sool and Sanaag region of Somalia.

Sool and Sanaag Emergency Livelihood Project aims to meet the immediate minimum food, water and sanitation needs of 38,160 emergency affected and vulnerable people in the Sool and Sanaag region by May 2012.

The specific focus is on strengthening livelihoods at the level of households, with a particular focus on the protection / expansion of assets facilitated through the promotion of a savings and loaning culture.

This is the first and final evaluation of the project. No previous evaluation has been carried out specifically for this project. The broad objective of the evaluation is to check the pertinence, efficacy and efficiency of the SSELP project. The evaluation shall be a ‘formative’ one whereby full participation of the project staff and stakeholders is emphasised. CARE shall hire an external consultant for 25 days to carry out the final evaluation.

Objectives of the evaluation

The project’s final evaluation is a part of the agreement with CORDAID.

The main objective of this final evaluation is to provide the donor, CARE and project stakeholders with an independent assessment of the achievements made by the project towards the purpose stated in the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA), how this has contributed to the overall project goal of to Contribute to mitigate against further deterioration of food and livelihood security of populations affected by drought in the Sool and Sanaag region. The specific objectives of the final evaluation also include:

• Assess that funds have been used effectively and efficiently to deliver results;

• Improve future programme design and management;

• Record and share lessons to influence relevant policies;

• Account to local stakeholders for the programme’s achievements;

• Enable CARE to evaluate the performance of the project as a whole.

The evaluation is primarily targeted for the project staff and the donors. At the end of the evaluation, the external consultant shall produce report and present it to CARE and the Donor.

Scope of Evaluation

The final evaluation should cover implementation period from October 2011 to May 2012. The geographical scope of the evaluation is Erigavo, El-Afwayn, Ainabo and Bo’ame districts of Sanaag and Sool regions respectively. While the main emphasis should be on measuring outcomes, the evaluation should also cover the project concept and design, implementation, results and outputs. The evaluation should include findings, lessons learned and recommendations.

Reporting and Feedback

The outputs of the evaluation should include a presentation in Nairobi to CARE and the and a report, which documents the main findings, lessons learned and recommendations.

The consultants will produce the following specific outputs:

? Review the suggested TOR and reference documents and develop and present an outline of the methodology, to present to CARE within first day of the evaluation. This should include their understanding of the task and include a work plan based on the proposed tentative time schedule.

? Prepare a preliminary assessment in the field outlining main findings and recommendations and debrief the same among the project staff. Compile their feedback and incorporate it in the draft evaluation report.

? Prepare a draft evaluation report and present the main findings to CARE. Incorporate comments from CARE and produce a final report.

? The consultant need to produce 3 hard copies of all reports produced plus 3 electronic copies in Adobe Acrobat and MS Word on CD of the final report.
How to apply:
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