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Anatomy of the Male genital organs
« on: December 13, 2007, 10:39:01 PM »
                                         Anatomy of the Male genital organs
Male genital organs are divided into:-
                                          A- Internal genital organs:-
They are:- 1-Testis  2-Epididymis 3-vasdeferens 4-seminal vesicles 5-prostate  6- bulbo urethral glands.
                                         B- External Genital organs:-
They are 1-Penis 2-and Scrotum.
               Internal genital organs:-
1-   Testis :-
•   ovoid organ, weight (10-14g)
•   located in the scrotal sac
•   has medial and lateral convex surface anterior and posterior borders upper and lower poles
•   Divides into 250 lobules (each has 2-3 seminiferous tubules).
2-Epididymis :-     
•   comma shaped and consist of tortuous duct
•   6cm in length, the unfolded length is about 6m
•   closely applied to the posterior border of testis
•   made up of head body & tail
•   sperm may stored for up to 4weeks
•   continuation of the tail of Epididymis
•   fibro muscular  tube 45cm long
•   enters the spermatic cord  and inguinal canal
•   At it’s termination it is joined by a duct from seminal vesicles to form the ejaculatory duct.
3-Seminal vesicles:-
•   each is lobulated structure 5cm long situated between the base of the bladder and rectum
•   joins the ducts deferens to form the ejaculatory duct
•   Average capacity (1.5-3ml).
                  *    Fibro muscular glandular organ
                  *    Cone-shaped with apex inferior
                  *    It is 3cm in each dimension
                  *    located below the neck of the bladder
                  *    The prostatic urethra passes downwards from its base to apex
5-Bulbo urethral glands:-
                  *   Globular in shape
                  *   Less than 1cm in diameter
                  *   lies between the lower part of the prostate and the bulb of penis.
                                       External Genital organs:-
1-   Penis:-
•   Male organ of copulation
•   Consist of erectile tissues
•   Formed of (3) cylinders (2) corpora cavernous (forming the crura) and one corpus spongiosum (forming the bulb).
•   The 3 structure merge to form the body of the penis
•   The corpus spongiosum extends anteriorly  to form gland penis
•   The body of the penis is enclosed in a thin skin which reflected at the neck of the penis to form the prepuce.

2- Scrotum:-
•   a bag of skin and fascia
•   lies in uro-genital triangle
•   divided in to two compartments
•   each contains a testis,epididymis and the first part of ducts deferens.

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