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Why? I dont get it!!

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What is keeping somali students and specially medical students from registering in the forum and participating in the discussions and other things going on here?
That question keeps coming to my head every time I see that we are not speeding enough as we planned.
I dont know why, is it because of they are not aware of? is it because they dont use the net enough time to look at the somali medical sites? is it because they are too busy reading news from shabelle and idamale?
I think may be my expectations were too high for somali people and this diserves a celebration.
It is up to you whether to register and participate or not, but we will not stop trying to do what we think is good for our somali people.
Ciise Dheere.

Hi, what a great site! I just found it by an accident browsing through the s-net forum.
I didn't know there were so many Somali medical students in Sudan and Yemen.
I'm also a med-student studying in the 1st year, so I still got a long way to go.
To answer your question I don't think Somali students in Europe/US know about this site,
but I will do my best to spread the word!  :)

hi dr ciise.

 yeah thats right..this deserves a celebration.  Waxaan iidinku hambalyaynayaa adiga iyo dr mahdi shaqada wanaagsan eed soomalida u qabateen, aad ayaan ugu baahneyn site kanoo kale, i found it throught Google, waaw i was impressed, thanks 4 such a great site, and plz keep going am sure inay dad badan soo heli doonaan...


Hi Hanna and Ebyan,
I am very glad for your participations here in the forum, I hope some day you will be operating the forum and serving the medical community of somalia with fresh and interesting info and tips.
The hope of getting a very large somali medical community here is still alive, and day after day I see that the number is growing and topics getting posted, so thanks to every one who shares his idea with us.
Hanna, it is a long way to go, but what is coming is coming, arrin dhib badan maaha kulligeen waan soo marnay, adigoo dhameeyay baadna is arkaysaa haddii Eebe cumri ku siiyo, waxaan kuu rajaynayaa inaad meel aad u fiican ka gaarto.
Waad mahadsantihiin dhamaan.
Ciise Dheere.

dr .essa....s'c
    well..we all dont mind if you toast a cellebration for what is been achieved by SDN admin and the all members, and i am pretty convinced that at the end of the day , i mean oneday , everybody will be pleased and delighted..and who know ! its juz a hope that there alot of med-students around the world would be able to come across this website while they are googling ..but i see a total and entire bright future for this website and everybody who involved in making this hoppen ..once again i do really appriciate whatever you guys are doing for us (somalis) , juz keep it up ...and by the way .. we are only two medical students in malaysia right now i said .. we will spread the word ensyallah.
and overall mahadda ilahay kasokow adiga iyo dr mahdi may idin soo laabanaysaa .. waana dareensannahay  runtii shaqo culus inaad heysaan.

mankay :)


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