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Brief Update report of Kaxda IDPs Activity in 24/10/08
« on: October 26, 2008, 05:02:56 PM »
Subject: Brief Update report of Kaxda IDPs Activity in 24/10/08

It’s a great pleasure for me  to pass the issue of free visitation and treatment campaign in Kaxda IDPs – Mogadishu that we have done today, 4 days before, the intellectuals and elders of Kaxda IDPs bring us an application of requesting health care and treatment service, then we accepted their appeal of helping them and both of  us went the place that the disadvantage of displaced people living,  after that, one day latter, we go through for an assessment of disease type frequency and number of people living there according to their ages.

For your information this part of serial routine activity perform Soyda planning to assist IDPs disadvantage live at several areas in Mogadishu and all over the country , for today’s activity and scenario service delivery include numbers of Soyda utilize the exercise beneficiaries , drug and medical equipments and transportation and community contribution were happens as follows:

Has been agreed among Soyda the gathered place was Benadir hospital were most of project equipment were kept and individuals has access to reach.
Due to the security, we left there after 10am with small bus rented carry the medical team and their drugs and laboratory equipments.

IDPs elders were aware and prepare as part of community contributions, the working site of is central point were project community can access from all directions.

Today, security issue is major problem that affect individual or group of people live in Mogadishu, no body can predict what will happen, from where, for what and with whom, but we knew either civilians and aid agency workers, and several innocent people where dying or hijacked or can get injury due to cross fire the armed group with out considering humanity.

As today’s events, we get late instead of 8Am we left 10Am gathering get together of Soyda group coming from different locations in Benadir region was stopped the fighting take place this morning in Km4.

Finally, today, we fulfilled the appointment for providing them health care, the beneficiary of today free health activity reaches 217 patients, 129 of them are female while remaining 88 are male,  and we are about 16 with different qualification worked today as a mobile team,  and our work plan design is in the attachment.

With the intention of, the position that we implemented our activity today, there are no health system facilities existing, so under 5 yrs children they became vulnerable to infection, diarrhoea and malnutrition that weakened by having not health care accessibility and they can not afford most of them to private hospitals.
The statistical presentations of what we have seen there it’s under the process and we hope soon after rearrangement of today’s data collection, we shall submit you soon as possible.

The estimation population living Kaxda Reaches more than 1000  families.
Finally, we finished our visitation and treatment campaign at 4:45Pm with successfully.

Best regards.
Executive Director of Soyda
Dr.Abdiqani Sheikh Omar.

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Re: Brief Update report of Kaxda IDPs Activity in 24/10/08
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 08:55:01 PM »
thnxxx Dr.Abdiqani for ur emotional and informative report.  who's freehearted than those helping thr own ppl in Somalia?and what's more dangerous than serving in Mogadishu at this time?

ur really exemplary ppl, and every1 who can understand what doing good things is, will admire ur talent. I understand how hard is serving in Somalia, but the history 'll remember ur unforgettable actions and u 'll get promoted one day.

keep doing it bro and sis. all Somalis appreciate it

never give up learning


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