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Ablution prevents skin diseases
« on: May 29, 2009, 08:35:04 PM »
The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “whoever performed ablution “properly” his wrong doings will come out of his body till they come out from under his limb-nails” [Refer to Muslim] He also said “Verily, on the Judgment day, My nation (Muslims) will come fair and surrounded by lights as a result of ablution, whoever, became able to prolong the retaining of ablution should do” [Refer to Sahihs] After a microscopic investigation to a microbe plant for those who regularly performing ablution and those who are not regularly performing it, the modern science confirmed that the noses of those who perform ablution regularly remained clean, pure and empty from any microbes. Therefore, the microbe plants established for them, appeared clean and empty from any microbe. Whereas, the microbic plants of those who do not perform ablution exposed a huge amount of different types of harmful microbes such as cluster microbes, rosary microbes which spread quickly and organic microbes which cause many kinds of diseases. Some cases of self poisoning results from the harmful microbes which stays in the nose cavity. These microbes enter into the digestive system and the blood circulation and create inflammations and diseases. Therefore, Islam, asked Muslims to inhate water into the nose three times during each ablution. As far as the rinsing-out the mouth is concerned it is proofed that it protects mouth and throats from inflammations, gingivitis and teeth decay and erosion by removing the remaining of food. It is medically confirmed that 90% of those who lose their teeth, they face this because they don’t clean their mouth & teeth. The pus material and the rottenness get mixed with the slaver and food. The stomach and the digestive system suck them. Then they get distributed to different parts of the body by the help of blood, consequently it causes many types of disease. It is proved that the rinsing-out of mouth strengthens some muscles of the face and makes the face circled. Rather, the sport teachers mention this fact because they concentrate on the big muscles of the body. Washing of hands and legs also is very useful. It removes dust, germs and cleans the body from oily materials which come out through the skin glands. It also eliminates sweating. It is medically proved that microbes cannot attack human skin unless he neglects its cleaning. If man does not clean his body regularly then various harmful secretions remains on the surface of the skin and create severe scratching in addition it also becomes a fertile plant of microbes. Unclean fingers nails scratch and injure the skin and open entries to the microbes. Therefore, ablution helps cleaning the body regularly. Bacteriology scientists who examined Bacteria and funguses which can be transferred to the mouth and nose. Therefore, hands should be cleaned properly before cleaning other parts of the body. This has already been explained by the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who said, “When a person wakes up from sleeping, he should not dip his hand into the vessel (food – water) before washing it thrice” It is also found that blood circulation at limbs is weaker because they are far from the center of blood pumping (the heart). Therefore, its washing will be a kind of a massage which helps to activate the blood circulation at these remote areas of the body consequently makes the person more vigorous. All these show the value of ablution that a Muslim performs. Source: Scientific Miracles in Islam and Sunna Nabaweya” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad. Dr. Ahmed Shawqi Ibraheem the member of the Royal Medical Association in London and the consultant of International and heart diseases says that scientists came to know that the fall of the light in the water during ablution and also on the dots of water on the body gives birth to negative Ions and reduces the positive Ions and consequently it relaxes the nervous and muscles pain as well as tension and anxiety. This fact is confirmed also by an American scientist who says: “water has a magic effect Even the dazzle of water on face and hands – he means ablution – is the best means of achieving relaxation and eliminating tension. Source: Reformation Magazine No. 296, year 1994 From the symposium of the Association of the scientific Miracles in Quran , Cairo



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Re: Ablution prevents skin diseases
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Ablution helps charwoman the anatomy regularly. Bacteriology scientists who advised Bacteria and funguses which can be transferred to the aperture and nose. Therefore, easily should be bankrupt appropriately afore charwoman added genitalia of the body.


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