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Medic Recruit is presently working on behalf of a Major European NGO that wishes to recruit a number of Somali Doctors and/or Medical Students in their final years, for a Humanitarian Aid Project in Somalia.The NGO has stipulated the following basic requirements to the personnel that is to be recruited as follows:
• Medical Doctor or Medical students in their final years.
• Ethnic Somali - since the present security situation would make it unsafe for non-Somalis to work in Somalia.
• Resident in a EU country – due to legislation pertinent to the NGO and also due to the contract with the above mentioned Medical Personnel it is preferred that the applicants have EU passport or EU permanent residence permit.
• Applicants should be prepared to work on a rotation principle i.e. working in Somalia for a period of approximately 3-5 months at a time.
• Wages and conditions will depend on individual negotiations and on the applicants level of education and experience.
• For Medical Students in their final years, relevant training and preparation will be sponsored by the NGO.
If you are interested in applying or if you would like more information about the requirements and conditions, please contact us on our Facebook page or at


MSF Switzerland (MSFCH) is a humanitarian medical organization providing emergency medical aid to populations in need. At present, MSFCH operates in three programmes locations in Kenya, Somalia and Sudan:
Location: Agok in South Sudan
Start date: End of November 2010
Type of contract: Fixed 3 Months contracts (May be renewable)
Main Tasks:
• Help to organise and carry out patient care and treatment, according to doctors’ or medical assistant’s prescriptions and MSF guidelines
• Participate in surveillance of the patient regarding alimentation, hydration, elimination and general health status.
• Be proactive in identification of emergency situations. Communicate regularly with Shift Nurses and Nurse Supervisors.
• Assist in any emergency as needed
• Nurses with diploma/degree recognised by the government and registered with the Nursing Council
• 2 year experience working in a busy hospital setup as a nurse
• MSF experience an advantage
Personal qualities:
• Organized, methodical and accurate
• Able to work to strict deadlines and under pressure.
• Good team player and able to work with staff with language barrier.
• Motivated with a demonstrated ability to adapt to new working methods.
• Ability to live and work in a multidisciplinary, multicultural and remote environment.,2871.0.html

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