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Salaam all
« on: July 29, 2012, 11:45:23 PM »
Assalamu Alaykum everyone! Ramadan kareem all   ;D

I'm new to this forum. I was extremely excited when I came across this board on google. I still do not remember exactly how it happened haha. Welcome me fellow students and future colleagues.

I'm going to tell a little about myself. I'm a Somali female currently residing in the United States. I came here when I was 10 years old. I have been here for 15 do the math of how old I'm. Not that it matters to any of you, however, quit a lot of you will wonder why I'm now deciding to enter the medical field. Well, I do have a bachelor's degree in English-- pre Education and a minor in Sociology. I wanted to continue till I get my Phd in English literature or Sociology (I wanted to become a Professor all my life) I wanted to profess students in qalinka hahaha (a little joke there  ;D ). However, I just recently started working at a practice...became very close with the doctors and nurses and the only nurse practitioner we have there. I been working here for several months. I recently graduated from college so I did not go back because its a long process. I decided to take a little break. So anyways, I fell in love with the whole atmosphere. I used to work in the administration part of the clinic. I handled the medical insurance, money, Financial assistant forms, and patient registration information. If any information was missing, I was liable for it. Now, they gave me a better position...they transferred me to a higher position. I have my own office, I referred our patients to outside resources, make sure they get the best care possible, and sometimes when our inside Somali interpreter is gone for the day, I take the job and make sure our Somali patients are treated well and help them understand their problems and what we can do for them. I have learned a lot while working here. Mind you, I never studied medical terminology hahaha I still suck at this but I try my best each and everyday ^_^

Another factor that lead me to decide medicine is that my parents always wanted me to become a doctor. I have crushed their dream and followed the wrong path. They knew what I was good at in high school (I was a good student when it came to Biology and Chemistry)....I, however, did not listen to them. Recently after my mother was hospitalized and her appendix was taken out. The doctor "assumed" that she had an appendicitis...he only did a "physical exam" and the way she "coughed" made him decide that she had an inflammation in her appendix. While the surgeon was doing his job, he discovered an internal bleeding from one of her ovaries. She had an Ovarian cyst which burst. It was a wonderful thing that the cyst burst but it also made the ovary burst as well. Which isn't a good thing. They, however, decided to continue removing the perfectly fine appendix and decided to keep the internally bleeding ovary in there. I thought it was a bad medical decision. I was in there sad and hurt. I was angry at the doctors almost wanting to take them to court!!!!! I did a lot of research on my own, I came to realize that an Ovarian cyst and an appendicitis can have the same similar symptoms and doctors sometimes mistake them together. But, why didn't they take it out while she was under anesthesia???? I'm still confused. I asked my friend Doctor about it and still didn't give me a straight answer. He said that "a doctor would never take such actions without a diagnosis" which I wholeheartedly agree with!!!!!

Anyways sorrrrrry waa nigu dheeraaday walaalayaal! My appologies...but I wanted to share what made me decide my future.

By the way, I'm not becoming a doctor. I'm becoming a Physician's assistant. They can do everything a doctor does except they cannot open a practice without the supervision of a physician. I decided that because I don't want to put that much work into my studies. I'm already 25 and I feel like I have already wasted a lot of my time in college. It will only take me about three years and half including my undergrad sciences that I have to take. LOL

Enjoy reading this long post folks....if you could advice me, it would be great. I thought of moving to another country and become a doc instead since the US takes really really really realllllllly lonnnnnggg  :-\


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