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Why did U choose to be a Nurse?

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Thanks Sumaya & Huda
Nothing better than receiving du'a and feeling happiness in your job!

Asalaamu Calkeekum
Am new in here
I am an AID and CMT and I work at Nursing home. I was going to   RN schooL,for the last 2 yrs. i have passion for nursing. However, i have a problem I can not pass one out of the three test to start  my clinical. Any help?

 i dont know where else to post this.

If there are any brothers and sisters who are out there who can help this desper sister. :(

Are you talking about CPNE?

I am not sure which exams you're talking about. Are you taking the board exam? I took my exam a year ago and things are still fresh in mind and would be more than happy to help you.  Just specify which test it is.
your sister

wallah for me it my luck i didnot got chance to studay only nursing section or  :-X set at home  so  ??? wat do u think  bro
any why working as nurse it so diffcult job   :'( :'(    wallah most of the time i wont to leave nursing   >:( >:( >:(  but  the only thing  keep me to cont  is
 patient  pryes and  sour the salary    


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