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I always wanted to go there for work experience, or open a womens clinic anything to contribute to our homeland. I went to a few hospitals to visit while i went on holiday back in 2003. Hargeisa Hospital was better than i thought as they had experienced doctors from abroad who retired there. I asked a female nurse whats the most common emergency you get everyday. She said Diahorrea, suspected Malaria and dehydration. They lacked some of the medicine they needed to prescribe, or it was running out so they had to use it only within the hospital for serious patients.

I asked who pays your salary or is it voluntary? she said some staff are doing it voluntarily and some are being paid by government, paitents. Fair enough but mashallah to those who are doing voluntary work.

next stop was Burco. The hospital just recieved some donations from UK,USA which went to the mental ward. I saw new equipment such as beds, 2 new operating theatres, clinical equipment. Doctors there were well experienced in their late 40's-50's and some students from abroad for work experience. I watched a routine check of a 5 year old having stomach problems the problem was as the hospital was very full some medical examinations are dealt near the reception where there is no privacy, confidentiality.

I have been back since but from what i hear private clinics are more of an option than government ran hospitals, probably because of the holistic approach people prefer.

thats all for now salams

Nothing better than to do good things for someone else everyday!!
Thanks to those doing voluntary jobs and those sending donations from abroad to promote the health services in our country!!
Really I would like to thank you Hana for the great idea of opening a women's clinic there!
By: Dr.Mahdi

Hello every1...Hana what a good idea to open a women clinic in somalia. I'm a nurse currentlig in Hargeisa doing some volontery work and I can tell u this is the best i have ever done, cauze the one who needs our knowlege/ help most is our people. It gives me a great satisfaction and i'm sad cauze i'm leaving Hg soon to come back to europ...I've been here for 5 months and i can encourage every1 who can come to anywhere in somalia to do it, if not for our people so for getting rewards from God. Allah ayaa jizaai badan ugu badali qofkaas waayo akhirada ayaa ka muhimsan aduunkan. Our country needs us most and u can feel it and se it when u get here, how much u can do. that's what i can say for now.

Well said Nimo;
I congratulate that spirit in you and we would like to see many somalian people thinking that way and coming back to somalia to help their people.
I think our sisters like yourself can make the difference.
Thank you again for that spirit and the encouragement.
Ciise Dheere.

Sc wr wbr all.
Thks Ciise Dheere, in la is dhiiri galiyo waa waajib ina wada saaran oo keeni karta in uu wadankeenuna hore ugu maro. And this website is making it possible Insha Allah so that we can share our experience and most of it encourage and help each other for the better world we all wish to be a part of.


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