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As we all know our country needs us and being here is a god feeling but sad at the same time. If we (somalian) want to do something for the country it has to be giving our knowledge to the nye generation. Waxaan u jeeda as we know the money wich is collected in diaspora DON'T always reach to the people it's main to, the corruption is every where so my advice to all somalian that has any education to come and teach schools and universities. Waayo waxbarashada waa ta dhisi karta wadanka iyo dadkaba oo taas loogama baqayo in laga "dhaco" qofka lool. Qofka ayuunbay ku xidhantahay oo isaga ayaa gacanta ku haya knowledgekiisa, and by the way the money is spended very quickly toward knowledge.....How many times have we collected money and it's still not enough. They're so many people who're needy but they never received sad
take care every1 and each other.

Woah nimo thats good u have gone bak home. Im still in my first year so inshallah when we are given the chance to go abroad in the 3rd year I'll go to burco. They usually recommend europe, america and australasia. At first i wanted canada or dubai but its too long way so i'll see inshallah.

Hi all,
That is right Nimo, teaching and giving knowledge is million times better than giving money and food, and no body needs explanation why is that.
Well, you are talking about visiting somalia and volunteering there, but I think I will be going back totally to somalia in about 1 and half years, to work there and help our people. I hope the situation will be better than it is now when I go back.
Thank you.
Ciise Dheere.

hi all.

well said nimo, wax la isa siiyo waxaa ugu wanaagsan cilmi, aqoontana waa nolosha furaheeda, I hope inuu dalkii sidan dhaamo, so we can go back  to home and help our ppl.. Aaamiin.

P.S. welcame back sis

كله يهون والله في سبـــــــــــــــــــــــــــبيل رسم ابيتســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــامه او ازله جزء بسيط من لالم وبمجرد ان يقول المريض جزاك الله خير ويعطيك العافيه

تكون اخذت اجرك والتعب من العمل الشاق راح جرب والله بتحس براحه والنعمه اللي انت عايش فيه بتعرفها قيمتها


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