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Who is Wrong! Who is Right
« on: February 29, 2008, 06:13:41 PM »
Who is wrong and who is right?

Complaining from every where it’s the real issue existing globally, but according to our country it seems in a high level rather than the world, actually it’s not too much surprised to me hearing who is wrong and who is right?
Yesterday I met an old mother complaining from one of the prescribed drugs that she has missed the other pharmacies and found only the pharmacy of her prescribed doctor in high cost, so she found fault to acquire and use that drug for sake of its expensiveness and she decided to return back to her home with out treatment lamenting that this doctor he is monopolic and selfish.     

On the other hand, during my practice time, I listen to doctors always complaining their patients for not using the prescribed medicines as it’s recommended, and they always mislead the dosages, and even sometimes they start the treatment and immediately after two or three days if they got somehow relief they try to spoil the drugs, or from time to time the pharmacist that are unqualified they use to change the prescribed drug to another aiming to make the shelves empty rather than giving the true medicine or occasionally pharmacist they behave like shopping sell.

However, the complains are more and more, for instance in Somalia, almost you can find a doctor who own an OPD centre having laboratory, pharmacy at same time at same place, furthermore every doctor has his own Routine examination, so the poor community always feel unfair to pass an screen of unnecessary routine examination that are not suitable for them,  nevertheless the patients always go to the pharmacy  if they got ill in order to get medicine with out medical prescription moreover the pharmacist facilitate them to  acquire soon because he needs money  for his daily life.

Please drug therapy is not always necessary, so don’t attempt to prescribe a drug simply to end a consultation, if the patient expects drug therapy, discuss the pros and cons. Try to estimate the benefit ratio and prescribe only if you think it is favourable. 

Ultimately, dear reader I think somehow you understood the point, so who is right and who is wrong? Do you think doctors and patients both of them are victims, or you assume that one of them is wrong? Why?

Send your comments and suggestions to our email and we shall respond you quickly.

By Executive Director of Somali Young doctors Association (SOYDA)

Abdiqani Sheikh Omar,

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Re: Who is Wrong! Who is Right
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 10:07:04 PM »
I believe Patients are the victims...

Because doctors, pharmacists, laboratorists are all in somehow part of the problem suffered by the patients in Somalia.
Doctors treat patients in 2 minutes, pharmacists provide fake drugs and lab techs give out false results??? ???
So who is blamed?...

We talked much about these issues in this forum and how to solve it & we concluded that:

Doctors will no longer complain about their patients if they give enough time to them, take full history, do proper examination and educate them before prescribing drugs.

That's my opinion

Pharmacist is highly-trained and skilled healthcare professional who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for his patients.

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Re: Who is Wrong! Who is Right
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2008, 12:00:55 AM »
I think that both of the doctors and Patients are victims .. Behalf the Patients dont believe them those poor doctors work for the nation,  I dont know why but all SOmalians they believe more the forieng Doctors so this is a big problem that the doctors have to deal with this situation that  is why some of Patients dont use the prescribed medicines (im not talking  about the doctors who r using their patients for their own bussiness)

in the other side Patients are Victims too for the same reasons that Parmacist deffined...


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Re: Who is Wrong! Who is Right
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2008, 12:49:04 PM »


in US Doctors ask patients which pharmacy they use,before they print or sent to any pharmacy.
Somali Doctor should be honest when it comes medication and not sell the one in their pharmacy.
Somali pharmacist should be trained and Somali Government should set  guidance and  policies.
clinic and hospitals in Somali should release or sent the patient with medical history,so the next Doctor should n't repeat some procedure.or misdiagnose

Somali lab tech should have certification to operate and some people should be checking if their equipment is properly working.
hospital and private clinics should develop small books for their patient to keep track their medical and if they are Elder people use responsible person in family to help to take prescription as Doctor directed.

Doctors and nurses should call the patient or USE "taar" or visit their houses if they are taking the medication, example patients taking TB medication quits earlier.( Public heath nurses) keep contact with them.

some of good Dr use water,good nutrition food,fruit and vegetable..and exercises to treat their patient, ....patients  acts unbelievable ..for ex. patient with difficult bowel movement he/she may asked to food with good fiber,or patient with diabetes may ask to eat limit sugar and Carb...and somalida thy say what !!!
patients in general need alot of education when it come health and living in health live...

that is my suggestion in general forgive me if i cross the borders

Aqoon la’aani waa Iftiin la’aan


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