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Hi everyone  ;D

I have a question for those of you that are in med-school:

Why did you choose medicine as your (future) profession?

That is a simple question dear Hanna, but only for those who had really thought of it before they made the choice.
Many somali students, let's say 90% of them, only think of Medicine as a specialty after graduation from high school. Engineering is the second choice for these students incase they dont get medicine. This is an example for the great misfortune we have as somalians.
It can be ok that the perfect students think of these two different specialities because of their ability, but not all somali people. even parents can not understand if the students says that he doesn't want medicine or engineering, they think that these are the only specialites available.
There are two things that are very essential to consider before applicating to medicine or any faculty else. Vision is number 1, you have to see clearly your path from this moment to the end of your way, it doesn't need further explanation. Mission is number 2, you have to have a clear humanitarian or other wise understandable purpose for being a doctor, like to help the sick and poor, or to be a highly respected member of your community and so on.

For me, I had the vision and the mission too, thank Allah. And the aportunity came to me from no where, and then I embraced it and we will see the rest.
Thank you for the perfect question Hanna.
Ciise Dheere.

To be honest, i had many routes i could take towards my ultimate goal.

I chose Medicine as my 'profession' rather than engineering/sciences/law because
it would nurture my curiousity and my fascination for the human body.

Also it would allow me to help our people back in Somalia, who's first and foremost
need (after peace and stability) is humanitarian and medical aid.

For me, I studied medicine for the following reasons:
1- Our home badly needs doctors
2- Helping others make me happy all the time
3- To show our community what a real doc is? not the fake doctors we have!!
4- To be a respectful person ( as Dr.Ciise Dheere said)

I chose medicine because I loved science. Even when I was very young, I was completely enamored with doctors--how they cared about other people, especially people who were sick and hurting. Medical has allowed me to combine my interests and continues to keep me challenged.


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